Classical Education Enrichment

Classical Education Enrichment is designed to enrich the lives of homeschooling families in the Orange County Area.

The program is designed to offer homeschooling families, using  the classical education model, an opportunity to expand their learning in a group setting once a week. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn in a small group setting, make friends, as well as give the homeschooling parent a short break from his/her teaching duties. Classes will be set up into multi-age format.

Meetings will focus on  enrichment activities correlating with the history topics from Story of the World, including geography, art, and art history for elementary aged students.There will also be a portion of the time devoted to meaningful and exciting memory work. Students will prepare for their enrichment day by pre-reading & discussing the history topic, as well as practicing their memory cards a few minutes each day. This enrichment class is not intended to interfere with other learning happening at home and should not take a great deal of additional instructional time.

Classes will be active, fun, and require students to be focused and participating. The format of the classes are designed in sets of 6 weeks, with approximately two weeks off  before the next cycle starts. Each session will end with a reader's theater or a creative oral performance which reviews the history material and gives the children a unique public speaking experience.

PLEASE contact me if you have any questions:
Erica Zamorano 714.881.9263
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**CEE is a vendor with
Sky Mountain Charter School 
& Julian Charter  School

We will be not be offering any classes for the 2014-15 school year.


CEE is an educational program providing social & academic enrichment to homeschooling families in Southern California, using the classical education model. 








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